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Have a concept or idea for your laptop cover? We can bring it to life, with a fully custom laptop sleeve, no matter how specific or unique your requirements. 选择一个自定义的标志或印刷,反映你独特的风格和品味. 要想在人群中脱颖而出,现在就选择一个个性化的笔记本电脑包吧!

  • Expert Advice on Sleeves + Free Samples
  • Premium Sleeves, Premium Quality
  • Range of Styles – Neoprene or Leather
  • Match your Brand Style Guide Exactly
  • Made for All Sizes of Laptop (custom)
  • Any Company Logo or Design is Possible
  • Pantone Color Matched Logo & Material
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities

Choose from a Ton of Laptop Sleeve Designs and Styles

大发手机移动版提供各种风格的定制笔记本电脑箱:有把手,皮瓣,拉链,或立场. Further you can take your pick from neoprene laptop sleeves, leather laptop sleeves, custom laptop sleeves with pockets, or custom laptop sleeves with handles.

自定义Logo案例提供完整的自定义,扩展到设计和大小. 你可以从多种材料中选择最符合你要求的一种. 大发手机移动版的高级真皮笔记本电脑袖子提供了一种贵族的吸引力,很难错过. They come in several styles such as, leather flap laptop sleeves, leather stand laptop sleeves, and leather zip laptop sleeves.

为了时髦的外观,选择大发手机移动版的氯丁橡胶笔记本电脑外壳,既保护又时尚. 你可以选择颜色匹配的印花,也可以选择正反面印花.

大发手机移动版还可以根据你的设备尺寸量身定制个性化的笔记本电脑套, offering a perfectly fitting accessory. 它将有助于保护您的设备,使其便于携带,无论您去哪里. Plus with a pantone-match logo or art print of your choice, you can display your individuality proudly. And you can take your pick from multiple materials and styles.

你准备好把你的笔记本配件游戏提高几个档次了吗? 浏览大发手机移动版的自定义笔记本套筒类别精选上面找到一个最符合您的需求.

iPhone是一项了不起的技术,通常被视为最昂贵的手机. It is used by millions of people, and is used everywhere. 这种设备随处可见,从当地的咖啡店到会议室,从贸易展场到路上的销售团队, 这对任何公司来说都是一个很好的机会来推广你的公司和品牌, front and center of a large range of audiences, and to protect the valuable technology at the same time

Experts in Custom iPhone Cases, 制造和印刷(或压印)任何公司的标志或设计, for all iPhone versions. Protect your technology with your own custom branded cases! We’ve printed logos and designs on iPhone cases, covers and sleeves, for companies all around the world, for over 10 Years. 大发手机移动版拥有超过50年的印刷、制造和生产经验. 大发手机移动版知道如何将任何标志或设计打印到任何iPhone外壳、外壳或套筒上, for the best possible finish. 彩通颜色匹配的标志或设计,以匹配您的品牌身份和风格指南. Whether for the boardroom, the sales team, or a multitude of other places where these devices can be used, your logo or design will be perfect and just the way you want it, with a satisfaction guarantee to back it up.

Customizing cases and covers for your devices is a skill, 大发手机移动版已经研究了很多年,所以知道所有的微妙和细微差别. We use screen printing, UV printing, embossing, foil stamping, heat transfer printing, In-Mold-Design (IMD) and more, to get the perfect result for your custom branded iPhone cases.

大发手机移动版为世界上最大和最小的一些公司生产定制的箱子、盖子和袖子. We have low minimums and competitive pricing, and we know what works. If you want custom company iPhone cases custom branded with your logo, and in your company colors, then get in touch with us now, it’s fast and easy.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your cases, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee, it’s that simple!

大发手机移动版有最受欢迎的iPhone版本的手机壳,可以定制完整版,也可以定制带有标志的手机壳. We stock cases for all versions

Technology such as iPhone, are portable devices designed to be used everywhere. 这种设备随处可见,从咖啡店到会议室,再到展会大厅, 因此,对于任何公司来说,这都是一个很好的机会,让他们的标志在广泛的受众面前和中心, while protecting your valuable technology around the clock

大发手机移动版已经生产和交付了数千个定制和品牌的iPhone手机壳, for customers in every industry. 从航空航天到医疗保健、制造业等等,大发手机移动版有一系列可能适合的案例. 大发手机移动版总是喜欢发送免费的样品在真实的情况下测试, 确保您找到适合您的需要和最终用途的最佳案例或封面

Typical lead time for most orders is 9-14 days, however please do ask if you have a time sensitive deadline, as we can make them quicker in some circumstances. They may also take longer, if they are custom made in another material, color or style that is not standard or in stock

根据您的设计,大发手机移动版将决定最佳的印刷方法来匹配. If a block color logo, we will usually print using a screen print, however we can also use a UV Digital Print or a Heat Transfer Print. We do also embossing, and foil embossing. 请问大发手机移动版,大发手机移动版通常对任何标志或设计都有解决方案,无论细节

Not a problem, we can get it professionally redrawn. 如果可能的话,最好是提供公司标识的原始形式, but we’ve never had an issue with a redraw, our professional designers do this on a daily basis

Yes we can pantone match all logos, just provide your color codes, and we do it for no additional cost

For orders above 100 usually, we can Pantone color match the actual material, whether it is polyurethane vegan leather, or real leather. 请询问大发手机移动版,如果您有兴趣自定义颜色或特定的不同的风格

Yes we do. The styles listed are our usual and most popular cases, however we do manufacture a range of alternate cases and covers, for specific situations and uses

大发手机移动版99%的订单都使用DHL, Fedex,因为他们快捷高效

Our minimum order is 10 Custom iPhone cases, due to all the work and cost required in printing. 在这个条件下,大发手机移动版或你做这些案例都不划算

If you are not happy with your order, we will refund you. We have made a lot of iPhone cases and covers, and so we know the best ways to produce and brand them.

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